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Posted Apr 1, 2005

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 (MSDE) - Page 2

By Don Schlichting

Install Express Manager

Microsoft is also releasing a free management tool called SQL Server Express Manager (XM). The February 2005 CTP is available at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=67079BB3-4FD4-4638-B923-A13741179B98&displaylang=en . The tool is similar to Query Analyzer, but is located inside an Enterprise Manager style MMC shell. To install Express Manager, go to Add Remove programs, point to the download and follow the prompts.


After installation, there should be a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 CTP group located under Start, Programs. Under Configuration Tools, click the "SQL Server Surface Area Configuration" icon. This tool allows configuration of the SQL service and protocols. In addition, security sensitive options such as xp_cmdshell, SQL mail, and CLR integration can be configured from here. From the main screen, select "Surface Area Configuration for Services and Protocols." The new SQL Express installation should be listed. Drill down to Service, and click start if it is not already running. By default, only Shared Memory will be running. If TCP/IP or Pipes are needed, click the Network Protocols link, located beneath the Service.

Now that the service is running, the first thing to notice, or not notice, is that the old SQL 2000 Mgr icon that usually appeared in the lower right task bar showing the green or red running status of SQL is no longer included.

Another option for configuring services and protocols is to use the new SQL Computer Manager, also located under the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 CTP group. This tool uses familiar MMC style selects.

Express Manger

The new graphical Express Manager can also be found on the Start menu. To connect, enter ".\SQLEXPRESS" as the Server Instance and select your security preference. For new database creation, right click Database, and select New Database. A New Database wizard should appear. Alternatively, use the Query Editor to enter TSQL directly, just like Query Analyzer in SQL 2000.


SQL Server Express is an excellent fit for stand-alone and embedded applications. If you are currently using Access or Dbase, SQL Server Express may be a very good replacement. Many Access type applications use ODBC and pass query strings for database access, leading to poor performance and virtually no scale up or out path. By converting to SQL Server Express, the distribution cost is still $0, because SQL Express if free, but now you will have the full range of capabilities of SQL Server.

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