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Posted Feb 21, 2006

Mastering OLAP Reporting: Meet Business Needs with Matrix Dynamics, Part 1 - Page 7

By William Pearson

14.  Reposition the sides of the textbox, as appropriate, to compactly fit the new title it encloses.

15.  15. Click the image (the bicyclist) in the top of the upper left corner box in the existing data region, to select it.

16.  Press CTRL + C to copy the image.

17.  17. Press CTRL + V to paste a copy of the image outside the new matrix data region, and to its right, once again, above the newly created title textbox.

18.  18. Click the title textbox (containing the words "Sales Reason") in the bottom of the upper left corner box (underneath the image file, and centered upon leftmost column) in the existing data region, to select it.

19.  Press CTRL + C to copy the textbox (with the text it contains).

20.  20. Click within outside the new matrix data region, at a point on the canvas, this time below the new title textbox.

21.  Press CTRL + V to paste the column title textbox onto the canvas.

The objects we have replicated appear to the right of the new matrix data region as shown in Illustration 29.

Click for larger image

Illustration 29: The Newly Copied Objects Outside the Matrix ...

22.  Click the new image copy to select it.

Borders appear around the image.

23.  23. Using the arrow keys on the PC, move the image file to the upper left corner of the unlabelled, upper left (new) matrix box.

NOTE: Dragging the image with the mouse will not achieve the desired result.

24.  Perform the same operation, using the arrow keys, with the two title textboxes we have placed outside the matrix, aligning them under the image, as depicted in Illustration 30.

Click for larger image

Illustration 30: Tentative Alignment of the Replicated Objects in the Matrix ...

25.  25. Fit the box into which we have placed them to compactly "fit" the newly added objects, so that the upper left corner box of the new matrix appears as shown in Illustration 31.

Illustration 31: Fitting the Upper Left Corner Box of the Matrix to the New Objects ...

Now, let's move the data fields that we see associated with the original data region into the new matrix data region.

26.  26. From the ProductData DataSet, within the DataSets pane click and drag the Sales Reason field into the Rows area of the new matrix data region, as depicted in Illustration 32.

Illustration 32: Drag the Data Field to the Rows Section of the New Matrix Data Region

27.  In like manner, click and drag the Internet Order Quantity field (also from the ProductData DataSet) into the Data area (to the immediate right of the Rows area) of the matrix data region.

28.  Drag the Internet Sales Amount to the right edge of the cell in the data area where we dropped the Internet Order Quantity field.

29.  When the small, white column / beam appears hovering over the right edge of the cell, as shown in Illustration 33, drop the Internet Sales Amount data field.

Illustration 33: Drop Point Indicator Appears ....

The matrix data region expands, creating a column to house the new data field, and placing the name of the fields added to this point into the column headings automatically.

30.  Again, in like manner, drag and drop the Internet Total Product Cost field to the right of the Internet Sales Amount column that appeared in our last step.

The matrix data region expands yet another column, creating a column to house the new Internet Total Product Cost data field, and adding a column label. Our matrix data region resembles that depicted in Illustration 34, at this stage.

Illustration 34: The Matrix Data Region with Added Data Fields

31.  Within the column heading for the first column, replace the current text ("Internet Order Quantity") with the following:

Internet Orders

32.  Holding down the CTRL key, click each of the three column headings textboxes to select them.

33.  Within the Properties pane, select Center in the TextAlign property, to apply centered Text Alignment to each of the column headings.

34.  Select Bottom for the Vertical Align setting, below the Text Alignment setting we adjusted above.

35.  With the headings still selected, expand the Font property and modify the existing settings for the following to the values indicated:

FontSize: 9 pt.

FontWeight: Bold

The settings we have made for the column headings appear as shown in Illustration 35.

Illustration 35: Settings for the Column Headings Group ...

36.  Select the Row section, which contains "=Fields!Sales_Reason.Value," the data field we inserted earlier.

37.  Set the FontSize setting to 9pt in the Properties window, as we did earlier.

38.  Holding down the CTRL key, click each of the three data fields to the right, and within the same row of the matrix, as "=Fields!Sales_Reason.Value," to select them.

39.  Set the FontSize setting to 9 in the Properties pane, as we did earlier.

40.  Set the Format to "#,###" to enable the data fields to display rounded numbers.

The settings we have made for the value data fields appear as depicted in Illustration 36.

Illustration 36: Settings for the Data Fields ...

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