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Posted Nov 6, 2006

MDX Operators: The IsLeaf() Operator: Conditional Logic within Filter Expressions - Page 3

By William Pearson

Let's finalize our efforts by placing the logic within a Named Set. Creating the Named Set within Analysis Services will allow for easy reuse of the leaf-level Sales Employees in Reporting Services, as well as other client applications, where we might, for example, define a row in a report through the use of a single object.

20.  Replace the top line of the query (commented out) with the following:

-- MDX049-002-3  Reusable Named Set using Filter() / IsLeaf() Combination

21.  Select File --> Save MDX049-002-2.mdx As ..., name the file MDX049-002-3, and place it with the queries saved earlier.

22.  Place the cursor to the immediate right of the statement inserted above (in the top row).

23.  Press the ENTER key four times to "push down" the rest of the line, and to add space between the comment line and the SELECT keyword.

24.  Insert the following into the space between the comment line and the SELECT keyword:


Here we have simply defined a Named Set containing the logic that we used within our row axis definition in the previous example.

25.  Replace the following three lines (currently lines 12, 13, and 14):


with the following:


The complete query is as follows, if cutting and pasting is the preference:

-- MDX049-002-3  Reusable Named Set using Filter() / IsLeaf() Combination
   {[Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount]} ON AXIS(0),
   })ON AXIS(1)
    [Adventure Works]
   [Date].[Calendar].[Calendar Year].[CY 2004]

The Query pane appears, with our input, as depicted in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: Our Modified Query in the Query Pane ...

26.  Execute the query by clicking the Execute button in the toolbar.

The Results pane is populated by Analysis Services. This time, the dataset shown in Illustration 12 appears.

Illustration 12: Results Dataset – Leaf-Level Employee Members via Named Set

In the returned dataset, we see the same filtered list of employees. This serves to illustrate how we might meet the business need with a Named Set, which, once created within the cube involved, would support easy, consistent reporting via a single object for row or column definitions and the like.

27.  Select File --> Save MDX049-002-3 to save the file.

The client representatives confirm that their immediate goals have been met, and that the illustrations we have provided can be easily extended to local business scenarios where filtering for leaf-level members is useful in meeting reporting and analysis requirements.

28.  Select File --> Exit to leave the SQL Server Management Studio, when ready.

Summary ...

In this article, we extended our examination of the IsLeaf() operator, exploring its use, once again, as a conditional logic modifier - but this time within the context of a filter, through its combination with the MDX Filter() function. We stated that, along with the IIF() function, this is another commonly employed approach for using IsLeaf() within the business environment.

We next reviewed the general syntax involved in using IsLeaf(). Finally, we undertook illustrative examples whereby we put the IsLeaf() operator to work, in combination with the Filter() function, initially within a simple illustration to illustrate its general operation; we followed that practice example with another where we began by employing the IsLeaf() / Filter() combination within a direct row-axis definition, before placing the combination within a Named Set, to meet a hypothetical business need. Throughout our practice session, we briefly discussed the results datasets we obtained from each of the queries we constructed.

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