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Posted Nov 13, 2006

Actions in Analysis Services 2005: The Drillthrough Action - Page 4

By William Pearson

Next, let's verify that the Reseller Sales Information Drillthrough Action is available for non-Accessories Categories.

23.  In the Reseller Sales Amount column, once again, this time to the immediate right of the Bikes Category for Jillian Carson, right-click the cell containing the value.

The context menu that appears this time contains our new Reseller Sales Information Action, (along with the Reseller Details Action previously noted), as shown in Illustration 14.

Illustration 14: The Reseller Sales Information Action is Available ...

This appears to confirm that our new Drillthrough Action is available for the selected Reseller Sales Amount value, as we intended.

24.  Finally, right-click the Reseller Order Quantity value, in the cell to the immediate right of the Reseller Sales Amount column we currently occupy.

Our new Drillthrough Action, Reseller Sales Information, appears, once again. We have therefore verified that the availability requirement for the Action we have created is met. At this point, we will verify the operation of the new Drillthrough Action by initiating a drillthrough from our current position.

25.  Click Reseller Sales Information on the context menu.

Our click initiates a Drillthrough Action, upon the Reseller Order Quantity recorded for the Bikes Product Category, for the third Calendar Quarter of 2001.

We experience a brief pause (the duration of which, unsurprisingly, depends upon machine resources and other factors), and then the Data Sample Viewer appears, as depicted in Illustration 15.

Illustration 15: The Data Sample Viewer Appears

A close examination of the Data Sample Viewer reveals that the columns it contains match those we specified within the Drillthrough Columns table on the Cube Designer Actions tab earlier.

We verify, therefore, that our efforts to meet the requirements of our client colleagues have been successful.

26.  Click Close to dismiss the Data Sample Viewer.

27.  Further inspect the availability and operation of the Reseller Sales Information Drillthrough Action, performing additional browses, as desired.

28.  Select File --> Save All from the main menu, to save our work through this point, as shown in Illustration 16.

Illustration 16: Saving All Work from Our Session

29.  Select File --> Exit, when ready, to leave the Business Intelligence Development Studio.


In this article, we explored Drillthrough Actions, a new and improved means of analyzing the values that make up the aggregations presented within our Analysis Services cubes. Our focus upon the Drillthrough Action included an introduction to its features, capabilities and possible uses. We then obtained some hands-on exposure to this new Action type, creating a Drillthrough Action within the sample AdventureWorks development environment that can be installed with MSSQL Server 2005.

As a part of our practical examination of the Drillthrough Action, after an overview of its uses and the data it presents, we focused upon the use of an MDX Condition expression to restrict its availability within the Cube Browser, and, by extension, within client applications which a Drillthrough Action might be created to support. Having concluded an examination of the settings involved in creating our working Drillthrough Action, we verified, within the Cube Browser, the effectiveness of the new Drillthrough Action, from the tandem perspectives of availability of the Action and operation of the Action, in meeting the business requirements of a hypothetical client.

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