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Posted Feb 12, 2007

Mastering Enterprise BI: Time Intelligence Pt. I - Page 4

By William Pearson


Work with a Time Dimension

Continue Basic Cube Creation – Time Dimension

1.  Click Next.

The Define Time Periods page appears next. Here we will define the date range within which our cube data will exist.

2.  Click the default Year value (2004) in the First calendar day setting to select it, as depicted in Illustration 14.

Illustration 14: Selecting the Year in the First Calendar Day Setting for Modification ...

3.  Type “2002” over the currently existing 2004.

4.  Click the downward-pointing arrow on the right side of the Last calendar day setting box, just underneath the First calendar day setting, to open the calendar.

5.  Using the “right” button atop the calendar selector, scroll forward in time to December 2007.

6.  Select December 31, 2007 on the drop-down calendar, as shown in Illustration 15.

Illustration 15: Selecting Last Calendar Day of the Time Period Range ...

7.  Leave the First day of the week setting at its default of Sunday.

8.  Select (via the respective checkboxes) the following attributes within the Time periods pane:

  • Year
  • Half Year
  • Quarter
  • Month
  • Date (key dimension attribute - required)

The Define Time Periods page appears, with our selections, as depicted in Illustration 16.

Illustration 16: The Define Time Periods Page, with Our Selections

9.  Click Next.

10.  Check the box to the left of the first option, Fiscal calendar, on the Specify Additional Calendars page that appears next.

11.  Set Start day and month (the selectors beneath the Fiscal calendar checkbox we have checked) as follows:

  • Day: 1 (the default)
  • Month: April

12.  Leave Fiscal calendar naming convention set at default of Calendar year name + 1.

The Specify Additional Calendars page appears, with our settings, as shown in Illustration 17.

Illustration 17: The Specify Additional Calendars Page, with Our Settings

13.  Click Next.

We arrive at the Define Dimension Usage page. Here we see that the Internet Sales measure group will be related to the dimensions we have selected within our cube. The Define Dimension Usage page appears as depicted in Illustration 18.

Illustration 18: The Define Dimension Usage Page

NOTE: For more information about Measure Groups and Dimension Usage in general, see my article Mastering Enterprise BI: Working with Measure Groups.

14.  Click Next.

The Completing the Wizard page appears next.

15.  Replace the default Cube name with the following:

DBJ_Adventure Works

16.  Expand the Date dimension in the Preview pane (named Date 1, by default), by clicking the “+” sign to its immediate left.

17.  Expand the Hierarchies folder that appears within the Date 1 dimension.

Here we can see both the “cloned” and alternate Date hierarchies we have established via the Wizard.

The Completing the Wizard page appears, with our expansion, as shown in Illustration 19.

Illustration 19: The Completing the Wizard Page

18.  Click Finish.

The cube is generated, and opens immediately, within the Cube Designer - Cube Structure tab, as depicted in Illustration 20.

Illustration 20: The New Cube Opens, Cube Designer – Cube Structure Tab

The cube also appears within the Solution Explorer, as shown in Illustration 21.

Illustration 21: The New Cube in the Solution Explorer

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