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Posted Feb 16, 2001

SQL Server 6.5: Tools and Utilities

By Sergey Vartanyan

SQL Server 6.5 Program Group
Other SQL Server 6.5 Tools and Utilities


SQL Server 6.5 provides many command-line and graphical tools and utilities that enhance the capabilities of the server and ease tuning and maintenance. Not all of these tools and utilities appear in Start menu, many of them don't have Start menu shortcuts.

In this article, I want to tell you about these tools and utilities.

SQL Server 6.5 Program Group

You can see the most of the available tools in the SQL Server 6.5 program group in your Start menu. Click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5.

SQL Server 6.5 Program Group
SQL Server 6.5 program group.

This is the main group of tools and utilities you will work with when building database applications or when administering SQL Server 6.5.


ISQL_w - is your primary interface for running Transact-SQL queries or stored procedures. With this utility, you can analyze the plan of a query, view statistics information, and manage multiple queries in different windows simultaneously.

Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver

Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver - is an online Help file providing information about the Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver.

MS Query

MS Query - is an utility, which provides a query interface to relational databases and allows users to create, open, or edit a query.


Readme.txt - is a file contains important information you should read before you install SQL Server. This file contains information about platform support, about some setup parameters, and about some new features and enhancements.

SQL Client Configuration Utility

SQL Client Configuration Utility - is an utility, which sets the default Net-Library and server connection information on clients, and displays the DB-Library version number.

SQL Distributed Management Objects

SQL Distributed Management Objects - is an online Help file displaying the Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Management Object Model.

SQL Enterprise Manager

SQL Enterprise Manager - is a main graphical utility, which allows you to perform system administration tasks using a graphical interface. This utility is used for configure servers, manage databases and database objects, schedule events, configure and manage replication, and so on.

SQL Performance Monitor

SQL Performance Monitor - is the Windows NT Performance Monitor utility (perfmon.exe file) with integrated SQL Server counters. You can configure SQL Performance Monitor to display statistics about the number of Transact-SQL command batches executed per second, about the number of physical page reads per second, about the number of user connections and so on.

SQL Security Manager

SQL Security Manager - is an utility, which allows you to manage user accounts for SQL Servers that are using security integration with Windows NT. You can use SQL Security Manager to map Windows NT users and groups to SQL Server users.

SQL Server Books Online

SQL Server Books Online - is an online access to the SQL Server documentation set. SQL Server Books Online provides all documented information about all aspects of SQL Server working.

SQL Server Web Assistant

SQL Server Web Assistant - is an utility, that you can use to generate standard HTML files from SQL Server data by using Transact-SQL queries, stored procedures, and extended stored procedures.

SQL Service Manager

SQL Service Manager - is a toll, which used to start, stop and pause MSDTC, MSSQLServer and SQLExecutive services.

SQL Setup

SQL Setup - is an utility, that you can use to change network support options, add a language, change the character set or sort order, set server options, set security options, rebuild the master database, and remove SQL Server.

SQL Trace

SQL Trace - is a graphical utility that monitors and display all SQL Server activity in real time or create filters that focus on the actions of particular users, applications, or host servers. SQL Trace is a graphical user interface to the extended stored procedure xp_sqltrace.

Other SQL Server 6.5 Tools and Utilities

These SQL Server 6.5 command-line utilities is placed by installation into C:\MSSQL\BINN directory by default. These utilities have not graphical user interface, and some of them are not documented in SQL Server Books Online.


ISQL - is a command-line utility which provides a query interface, and allows you to perform system administration tasks and execute batch files that contain one or more SQL statements. It uses the DB-Library network library to connect to SQL Server.


bcp - is a command-line utility used to copy data to or from an operating-system file.

makepipe and readpipe

makepipe and readpipe - diagnostic utilities checks to see if the named pipes are working. Use them if you cannot connect to SQL Server.


odbcping - is a command-line utility to check whether ODBC is properly installed by connecting to a server using the ODBC SQL Server driver.


textcopy - is a command-line utility used to copy a single text or image value into or out of SQL Server. This utility is not documented in SQL Server Books Online.

For more information, see this article (from Alexander Chigrik): Copy text or image into or out of SQL Server


charset - is a command-line utility used by SQL Setup to install character set and order information.


console - is a command-line utility used with the Transact-SQL DUMP statement to back up databases to diskette dump devices.


langinst - is a command-line utility used by SQL Setup to install additional language information, such as localized messages and country information.

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