Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Custom Cubes: Financial Reporting (Part I) - Page 12

January 6, 2003

The store table appears on the schema tab, while the Select Table dialog remains open.

9.      Add the following additional tables, after the manner of the store table insertion above:

  • time_by_day
  • category

10.  Click Close on the Select Table dialog.

Next, we'll add the Account dimension, but we will use the Dimension Wizard for this, as it allows the creation of a parent-child dimension.

11.  Click Insert in the top Menu.

12.  Select Dimension, and then select New from the cascading menu, as shown in Illustration 34 below.

Illustration 34: Select Insert -à Dimension -à New from the Top Menu

The Dimension Wizard welcome dialog appears, as shown below.

Illustration 35: The Dimension Wizard Welcome Dialog

13.  Click Next.

14.  Choose Parent-Child at the Choose How You Want to Create the Dimension dialog that appears next, as shown in Illustration 36 below.

Illustration 36: Selecting the Parent-Child Radio Button

15.  Click Next.

The Select the Dimension Table dialog appears.

16.  Select the account table.

The Details pane is populated with the column names for the selected account table.

17.  Click Next.

Page 13: Enhancing the Basic Cube with The Cube Editor (Continued)