Build a Web Site Traffic Analysis Cube: Part I - Page 7

July 21, 2003

The Transformation Options dialog again appears.

68.         Type IP Address into the Name box on the General tab.

69.         Click the Source Columns tab.

70.         Double-click Col001 to select it, if necessary, to the right hand side.

71.         Click the Destinations Columns tab.

72.         Double-click IPAdd to cause it to appear in the Selected Columns space to the right of the tab.

73.         Click OK.

We return to the Transform Data Task Properties dialog, which appears as depicted in Illustration 24 with our additions.

Illustration 24: The Transform Data Task Properties Dialog - With Added Transformation

74.         Ensuring that the new transformation's mapping line is selected, click the Test button.

Indication of a successful test is returned.

75.         Click the View Results button to obtain the sample data set shown in Illustration 25.

Illustration 25: The View Data Dialog with Results

76.         Click OK to close the View Data dialog.

77.         Click Done to close the Testing Transformation dialog.

We are returned once again to the Transformations tab.

78.         Click OK.

The dialog closes, and we are returned to the Select DTS Package: <New Package> window, once again.

79.         Click Package -> Save As to save our work up until now, and to give the package a name.

80.         Type ETL Server Access Log to Web Analysis into the Package Name box.

81.         Type in / select the appropriate Server name in the Server selector box.

82.         Input the appropriate authentication information, as we did earlier.

The Save As dialog resembles that shown in Illustration 26.

Illustration 26: The Save As Dialog

83.         Click OK.

Now let's execute the package, and then navigate to the table that it creates to ascertain that our package has delivered the expected results.

84.         Click Package -> Execute from the main menu.

Execution progress is metered as the Executing DTS Package dialog appears, and then the Package Execution Results message box reports the successful execution of the package, as shown in Illustration 27.

Illustration 27: The Save As Dialog