Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Actions in Virtual Cubes - Page 7

April 19, 2004

Use the New Action

Let's take a quick look at the results of our work, calling the Action into play from the Browse Data viewer for Virtual Cube w Actions. Using the Action in our virtual cube is no different than using it in a regular cube, as we did in Putting Actions to Work in Regular Cubes, so we will abbreviate the process here to keep moving.

1.  Right-click Virtual Cube w Actions.

2.  Select Browse Data from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 14.

Click for larger image

Illustration 14: Select Browse Data

Data is retrieved and the Cube Browser viewer opens. The Browser presents data as partially depicted in Illustration 15.

Illustration 15: All Customers in the Column Axis in Browse Data (Compacted View)

NOTE: Ensure that All Customers appears in the column axis of the Cube Browser, as shown above.

3.  Double-click the USA row to drill down to the States underneath.

The three USA States appear.

4.  Double-click OR to drill down to the Oregon Cities.

The Cities within OR appear.

5.  Double-click Corvallis, near the top of the OR Cities.

The Corvallis Customers appear.

6.  Right-click Annette Von Strahl, the third customer listed under Corvallis Total.

The context menu appears, displaying our newly added Action, Customer Details, as shown in Illustration 16.

Illustration 16: Customer is in the Column Axis in Browse Data (Compacted View)

7.  Select Customer Details from the context menu.

The default browser (mine is Internet Explorer) is launched, and the HTML page appears as shown in Illustration 17 for the selected Customer.

Illustration 17: The Action-Generated HTML Page in the Browser (Compressed View)

We note, also, in the address bar, the temporary storage place to which the operation of the Action has directed the HTML file it has produced.

8.  Select Close to retire the Data Browser.

We return to Analysis Manager.

Next, let's take a look at another way to bring a new Action aboard that is unique to the virtual cube - as an Import.