High Availability with SQL Server 2000 failover and DoubleTake-Part II - Page 2

May 4, 2004

Testing your Failover

In order to test your failover, choose Start | Programs | Double-Take| Failover Control Center and select Failover. You can also test failover by shutting down a network card or shutting down the server (Figure H.)

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Figure H.

After clicking the Failover button, you are asked to confirm if you want to perform a manual failover (Figure I). Choose Yes and your Failover will begin (Figure J).

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Figure I.

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Figure J.

Once the failover is complete both IP addresses will respond to ping commands and requests from the network until you fix the downed server as shown in Figure K and Figure L.

Figure K.

Figure L.

In my final article of this series, we will discuss how to properly failback your server and reinitialize your replication sets once you have corrected the problems with the Source server.

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