MSSQL Server Reporting Services: Master Chart Reports: Pie Charts in Reporting Services - Page 6

August 30, 2004

Populate the Pie Chart item to Meet the Business Requirements

Our next steps focus upon simply dragging fields from the Fields window. Ensure that the Fields window appears, either fixed in place or as a dynamic tab (as mine appears in Illustration 15 above), for easy access in accomplishing the next steps.

1.  Drag the VendorID field from the Fields window, dropping it on Drop Data Fields Here section of the generic chart item on the Layout tab.

2.  Drag the StateCode field and drop it on the area of the chart item marked Drop Category Fields Here.

The fields are depicted, circled, in Illustration 17, with arrows (in different colors) pointing to the sections into which we are dropping each.

Click for larger image

Illustration 17: Field Items with Intended Drop Points

3.  Right-click the chart.

4.  Select Properties from the context menu that appears.

The Chart Properties dialog box appears, defaulted to the General tab.

5.  Type the following into the Title box on the General tab:

Vendors by State

6.  Click the Style button, which appears to the right of the Title box.

The Style Properties dialog box appears.

7.  Make the settings, listed in Table 1 below, within the Style Properties dialog box:












Dark Green



Table 1: Style Properties Dialog

The Style Properties dialog appears, with our settings, as shown in Illustration 18.

Illustration 18: Style Properties Dialog Box with Settings

8.  Click OK to accept changes and to exit the Style Properties dialog box.

We return to the General tab.