MSSQL Server Reporting Services: Reporting Services Basics: Create a Reusable Template Report - Page 4

October 18, 2004

Create a Template Report

In this section, we will launch Reporting Services' Report Designer, and then create a new report, which we will designate as a template for reuse as often as we find it needful. We will start with the creation of a new report, upon which we will base our template.

Create a Blank Report

As most of us are aware, creating a new report file is easy.

1.  Right-click the Reports folder in Solutions Explorer.

2.  Select Add from the context menu that appears.

3.  Click Add New Item from the cascading menu, as shown in Illustration 5.

Click for larger image

Illustration 5: Select Add ---> Add New Item

4.  Click Report in the Add New Item dialog.

5.  Type the following into the Name box, replacing the default of Report1.rdl (or similar).


The Add New Item dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 6.

Illustration 6: The Add New Item Dialog - Initial View

6.  Click the Open button at the bottom of the Add New Item dialog.

The design environment opens. We see the Data, Layout and Preview tabs appear in the Report Designer. (As I have mentioned in other articles within this series, I have docked many of my toolbars in places I find convenient. Your environment will probably differ somewhat, and so may not appear, at times, identical to the illustrations that appear in my articles.

The report has opened in Data View, as shown in Illustration 7.

Illustration 7: The Design Environment - Data View Tab (Compacted)

7.  Click the Layout tab atop the Report Designer, to select it.

8.  Click anywhere in the Layout area to ensure it is enabled.