MDX Essentials: The CROSSJOIN() Function: Breaking Bottlenecks - Page 4

February 7, 2005

Process the Clone Cube

1.  Right-click the new MDX27_CROSSJOIN_TESTING cube.

2.  Select Process... from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 4.

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Illustration 4: Select Process... from the Context Menu

The Process a Cube dialog appears, as depicted in Illustration 5, with the processing method defaulted to Full Process (as this is the first time the cube has been processed).

Illustration 5: Full Process Selected in the Process a Cube Dialog

3.  Click OK to begin processing.

Processing begins. The Process viewer displays various logged events, then presents a green Processing completed successfully message, as shown in Illustration 6.

Illustration 6: Indication of Successful Processing Appears (Compact View)

4.  Click Close to dismiss the viewer.

We are now ready to work with the MDX27_CROSSJOIN_TESTING cube in the MDX Sample Application.

5.  Exit Analysis Manager when ready.