Introduction to MSSQL Server Analysis Services: Presentation Nuances: CrossTab View - Same Dimension - Page 9

April 11, 2005

Verify Results - from the Cube Browser

We will conclude our practice session by examining the results of our handiwork from two perspectives: from the Analysis Manager, via the Cube Browser, and from a "reporting perspective," using the MDX Sample Application.

1.  From our present position within the Cube Editor, click the Data tab to open the browser and see cube data.

2.  Drag the Store Location dimension down, and drop it atop the MeasuresLevel heading (column axis), as depicted in Illustration 31.

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Illustration 31: Swapping the Store Location and Measures on the Data Tab "X" Axis

3.  Drag the Store dimension down, and drop it atop the Product Family heading (row axis), as shown in Illustration 32.

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Illustration 32: Swapping the Store and Product Dimensions on the Data Tab "Y" Axis

We can see the Store dimension in both the "X-" and "Y-" axes on the Data Tab.

4.  Select % Profit Contribution in the Measures dimension filter, atop the Cube Browser, as depicted in Illustration 33.

Illustration 33: Filtering for the New Calculated Member % Profit Contribution

5.  Expand the USA Store Country in the row axis by clicking the "+" sign to the left of USA.

6.  Expand the Store State level for Washington (WA).

7.  Scroll over to the right in the Cube Browser, until Seattle, WA appears under the Store City heading (and thus Seattle, WA is the left-most column in the data area), as shown in Illustration 34.

Illustration 34: Examining % Profit Contribution (Compressed, Partial View)

We can see that the components appear to be in place and working from the Cube Browser. We will next look at the data from a "reporting perspective," and ascertain that our structural enhancements to the cube allow us to precisely meet the presentation requirements of the information consumers.

8.  Select File -> Exit (main menu) to leave the Cube Editor.

9.  From the Analysis Manager main menu, select File -> Exit.