MSSQL Server Reporting Services: Mastering OLAP Reporting: Percent of Total - Two Perspectives - Page 3

June 20, 2005

Hands-On Procedure


Create a Clone of the Foodmart Sales Cube

Let's first create a copy of the existing FoodMart Sales cube to provide a "disposable" work environment.

1.  Open Analysis Manager.

2.  Expand the Analysis Servers folder in the management console.

3.  Expand the Analysis Server with which you are working by clicking the "+" sign to its left.

4.  Expand the FoodMart 2000 database.

5.  Expand the Cubes folder inside the FoodMart 2000 database.

6.  Right-click the Sales cube.

7.  Click Copy from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 1.

Illustration 1: Select Copy from the Context Menu

8.  Right-click the Cubes folder.

9.  Select Paste from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 2.

Illustration 2: Select Paste, after Right-clicking the Cubes Folder

The Duplicate Name dialog appears.

10.  Rename the new cube as follows:

Percent of Total


This is also a good way to rename MSAS objects for which a "Rename" option does not exist. We simply create the new object in the manner shown above, give it the desired name, and discard the original object, as appropriate.

Keep in mind that, in the case of cubes and other structural objects, this will mean reprocessing before the clone will be fully usable.

The Duplicate Name dialog appears as shown in Illustration 3.

Illustration 3: Duplicate Name Dialog with Our Input

11.  Click OK to create the clone cube.

The new Percent of Total cube appears in the tree as depicted in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: The New Cube Appears