Introduction to MSSQL Server Analysis Services: Mastering Enterprise BI: Relative Time Periods in an Analysis Services Cube, Part II - Page 7

July 11, 2005

Re-Align the New Analysis Services Database to Use the Enhanced Source Database

The final step of preparatory step for adding relative time capabilities to the Warehouse cube clone is to point the new Analysis Services database to the enhanced Access database. Recall that our modified database contains structural elements to support the relative time dimension.

We can accomplish this source re-alignment with the following steps:

1.  Expand the new Relative Time Sample database by clicking the "+" sign to its left.

2.  Expand the Data Sources folder that appears, just below the expanded Relative Time Sample database.

3.  Right-click the FoodMart data source that appears.

4.  Select Edit from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 30.

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Illustration 30: Editing the Data Source

The Data Link Properties dialog appears, defaulted to the Connection tab. Since we are simply re-pointing to another MS Access database, we will only need to make minimal changes at this level.

5.  Type the following into the bottom selector box on the dialog, just under the title "3. Enter the initial catalog to use":

D:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Samples\RelativeTimeSample

NOTE: If you placed your copy of the database in another location, type in the correct location here, instead.

6.  Click Test Connection to ascertain connectivity.

A Data Link message box appears, indicating that the Test connection succeeded.

NOTE: An error here likely means an incorrectly typed path. See the steps above if this is the case.

7.  Click OK to dismiss the message box.

The Data Link Properties dialog, Connection tab, appears as shown in Illustration 31.

Illustration 31: Our Modifications to the Data Link Properties Dialog – Connection Tab

8.  Click OK on the Data Link Properties dialog to accept changes and close it.