Mastering OLAP Reporting: Meet Business Needs with Matrix Dynamics, Part 1 - Page 5

February 21, 2006

Preparation: Enhance the Report per the Business Requirements

As we noted in the Objective and Business Scenario section above, the client information consumers have outlined a few enhancements that they wished to make to the existing report, to outfit it to meet a specific business need that is different than the need addressed by the original report. Let's review the presentation that the current report file supports, and then add a matrix data region to the file that will replicate the existing data region.

Review the Layout and Operation of the Sample OLAP Report

1.  Right-click RS026_Sales_Reason_Comp_Matrix.rdl in the Solution Explorer.

2.  Select Open from the context menu that appears, as shown in Illustration 19.

Illustration 19: Opening the New Report ...

RS026_Sales_Reason_Comp_Matrix.rdl opens in Layout view, and appears as depicted in Illustration 20.

Click for larger image

Illustration 20: The Existing Report Opens in Layout View ...

Let's preview the report, so as to get a feel for its general operation prior to performing our enhancements.

3.  Click the Preview tab to execute Sales Reason Comparisons.

Execution begins (the report initially executes with the default parameter setting).

The report executes, and appears as shown in Illustration 21.

Illustration 21: The Report Appears with Default Parameter Selection

Once we have seen the intended presentation of the report, we can return to the Layout view, where we will replicate the current data region with a new matrix data region, with which we can deliver the information presented in the original view, while adding the enhancements that the information consumers have requested.

4.  Click the Layout tab, to return to the design environment.

We will create the new version of the existing matrix data region in the section that follows.