Restore multiple DTS packages

October 6, 2004

This article examines how to take advantage of VB Script and MS-DOS batch files to restore multiple DTS packages stored in the form of structured storage files from one folder to a SQL Server box. When many DTS packages reside as structured storage files, it can be tiresome to restore those DTS packages one by one using Enterprise Manager. [Fig 1.1] As described in my previous article, Automating "Save DTS package," there may be cases where you have multiple DTS packages stored in a folder.

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[Fig 1.1]

Let's simulate the whole process of restoring multiple DTS packages stored as a structured storage file.


  1. SQL Server client installed on the machine
  2. All the DTS packages have only one version stored in the structured storage file
  3. The Windows Login used to run the VB Script should have administrative access to the SQL Server box where you are going restore the packages, because we are going to use Trusted Connection.

Let us assume that we have all the DTS packages stored in a structured storage format in the folder D:\DTS\20040828 [Fig 1.2]

[Fig 1.2]

Step 1

Create folder C:\restoreDTS. [Fig 1.3]

[Fig 1.3]

Step 2

Create C:\RestoreDTS\RestoreDTS.vbs. Copy and paste the code below into RestoreDTS.vbs and save the file.

'Objective: Load DTS package and save it to SQL Server
'Created by:MAK
'Date: Sep 17, 2004


const TrustedConnection = 256
dim version1

Set oPackage1 = CreateObject("DTS.Package2")
oPackage1.LoadFromStorageFile Filename,"","","",""

oPackage1.SaveToSQLServer SQlServer, , , TrustedConnection 

Set oPackage1 = Nothing

Download Code here.

Step 3

Create C:\RestoreDTS\Restore.bat. Copy and paste the code below into the file and save it.

REM Objective: Load DTS package and save it to SQL Server
REM Type: Batch File to get all DTS package name
REM Created by: MAK
REM Contact: mak_999@yahoo.com
REM Date: Sep 17, 2004
REM Parameters %1 = SQl Server box name %2 = directory name
@Echo on
REM Export DIR listing to C:\MyImport\Dirlist.txt

Echo "Load Started" 
dir %2 /b > C:\RestoreDTS\Dirlist.txt

REM Restore all the DTS package listed in C:\RestoreDTS\Dirlist.txt

for /f "tokens=1" %%i in (C:\RestoreDTS\Dirlist.txt) do Cscript /nologo RestoreDTS.vbs %1 %2%%i 

REM echo %2%%i
Echo "Load Completed" 

Download Restore.Bat here.