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Posted Mar 11, 2004

Installation Cookbook: Installing Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4)Forms and Reports Services - Page 2

By Steve Callan

Installing, Configuring, & Using Oracle Application Server 10g
Forms and Reports Services 10g (9.0.4)
For Solaris Operating Environment


This guide provides information on how to install and configure Oracle Application Server 10g (10gAS) Forms and Reports Services on the Sun SPARC Solaris platform. 10gAS needs to be installed in order to deploy Oracle forms over the web in a customer/end-user type of environment. Prior to using Oracle forms in this manner, forms (references to "forms" includes reports as well) must be converted to a Forms 9i/10g state or must be originally developed as a 9i/10g form. This guide does not cover the forms conversion or development process, and does not cover Application Server administration. Further, this guide does not cover the upgrade process from Oracle9iAS to 10gAS.


Forms Services, which enables the viewing of forms over the web, is available as a standalone installation under the 10g product line. Forms Services still falls under the Enterprise Edition of Application Server with respect to price and licensing, but there is no need to perform a complete Application Server installation.

Previous versions of Oracle's Application Server required the Business Intelligence and Forms installation option and the installation of an infrastructure along with an application server. The installation process using this release is much simpler and more streamlined. There is no infrastructure requirement, and the control of forms services can still be managed via a web interface using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Forms may be converted or developed using Oracle9i Developer Suite or Oracle Developer Suite 10g. If your forms are already in a 9i state, no work is required to upgrade or modify them for use with 10gAS.

If all you wanted out of Oracle9iAS was the ability to run forms on the web without the overhead of numerous other unused features found in Oracle9iAS, you can simply abandon your previous Oracle9iAS installation and use the Forms and Reports Services 10g (9.0.4) version of Oracle Application Server. If you have other applications that depend upon your Oracle9iAS installation (applications using Single Sign-on, as an example), then you must install the full version of Oracle Application Server 10g.

Installation overview

The installation process for 10gAS is a one-step procedure. In a single sitting, you can install everything you need to view and use 9i/10g compatible forms over the web. Very little input is required on your part, and the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) checks to see if several requirements are met before the installation begins. Post-installation tasks (covered later) instruct you on how to configure the application server for use.

If you prefer to keep installed products inventory information completely separate from one another, rename the oraInst.loc file in /var/opt/oracle before starting the installation and the OUI will assume this is the first Oracle product being installed on your machine. When working with other Oracle products, switch the oraInst.loc files so the OUI will be able to read installed product information for other products.


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