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Posted Dec 1, 2005

RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 4: Installing RAC Database with ASM Option - Page 5

By Tarry Singh

Step 17: Select Normal, as we will first create a disk group for datafiles (with 2 *.vmdk disks).

Step 18: Select Add.

Step 19: Next

Step 20: Pick two of the disks, (here I picked two of my 7.7G disks).

Step 21: See how they get ASM link name ORCLDISK*

Step 22: Finish.

Step 23: As you can see, they are provisioned.

Step 24: Check them both and click ok to create the disk group and mount it as well.

Step 25: OK they are mounted. Good, now create one for Flashback Recovery.

Step 26: Call the Disk Group name "flash_reco_area".

Step 27: Add or Change label.

Step 28: See how the other two are now Stamped ASM Devices!

Step 29: Next.

Step 30: Select External as we have just one disk here.

Step 31: Create it as well.

Step 32: Just keep the "oradata" checked and click next.

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