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Posted Oct 6, 2010

Moving to Oracle RAC One Node - Page 13

By Vincent Chan

11. Upgrade the second Database to Oracle RAC

Upgrading from Oracle RAC One Node to Oracle RAC is as simple as executing the racone2rac script and using DBCA to add additional instances.

11.1 Execute racone2rac script

We will run racone2rac to convert racdb to Oracle RAC. During the conversion operation, the racdb_1 database instance is shutdown and brought back up with a new name called racdb1. In, the conversion operation will not offline the database.

oracle@gurnard1-> racone2rac
Candidate Databases on this cluster:
 #      Database         RACOne Node    Fix Required
===     ========        =============   ============
[1]       appsdb            YES               N
[2]        racdb            YES               N
Enter the database to convert to one node RAC database [1]: 2
You are converting racdb to single instance Oracle RAC database running on gurnard2 .
Do you want to Continue? [Y]es or [N]o? Y
Please wait, this may take a few minutes to finish.........
Database configuration modified.
Run dbca to add as many instances as you want to this database.

11.2 Execute DBCA to add an additional instance (racdb2)

As the oracle user on gurnard2, execute dbca.

oracle@gurnard2-> dbca

1.  Welcome: Select Oracle Real Application Clusters database.

2.  Operations: Select Instance Management.

3.  Instance Management: Select Add an instance.

4.  List of cluster database: Select racdb.

a.   Username: sys

b.  Password: **********

Select an active cluster database to add an instance

5.  List of cluster database instances: Click on Next.

List of cluster database instances

6.  Instance naming and node selection: Accept the default instance name, racdb2.

Instance naming and node selection

7.  Instance Storage: Click on Finish.

8.  Summary: Click on OK.

Database Configuration Assistant Summary

Database Configuration Assistant - Adding Instance in Progress

oracle@gurnard1-> srvctl status database -d appsdb
Instance appsdb_1 is running on node gurnard1
oracle@gurnard1-> srvctl status database -d racdb
Instance racdb2 is running on node gurnard1
Instance racdb1 is running on node gurnard2


Oracle RAC One Node is easy to install, administer and manage. IT organizations eager to embrace the benefits of Oracle RAC One Node can easily implement the solution at a cost advantage over the Oracle RAC option. When the database is ready to scale out to more than one node, Oracle RAC One Node can be upgraded to a full Oracle RAC database within minutes.

For more information about Oracle RAC One Node, please refer to Oracle RAC One Node: Better Virtualization for Databases.

Vincent Chan (vkchan99@yahoo.com) is a Senior Computer Systems Architect at Lockheed Martin Corporation. He is an Oracle Certified Master DBA with more than 14 years of experience architecting and implementing Oracle solutions for various clients.

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