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Posted Apr 15, 2002

Listen Software's How To: Oracle Functions

By David Nishimoto

Oracle String Functions

  • initcap(char)--Returns a char with the first letter of each word in uppercase
  • instr(char1, char2,n,m)--n=position m=occurance returns the numeric position of char2 in char1
  • length(char)--Length of char
  • lower(char)--Returns char with all lower case
  • lpad(char1,n,char2)--Return a char with char1 left pad with char2
  • ltrim(char)--Remove all leading spaces
  • rpad(char1,n,char2)--Returns char with char1 right pad with char2
  • rtrim(char)--Remove all trailing spaces
  • substr(char,m,n)--Returns substring start at m for n characters
  • upper(char)--Converts all characters to uppercase
  • chr(n)--Returns the ascii code equivalent
  • concat(char1, char2)--Return a char which is the result of char1 and char2

Oracle Time Functions

  • ADD_MONTHS(d,n)--Add n months to d date
  • LAST_DAY(d)--Returns last day of the month
  • MONTHS_BETWEEN(d1,d2)--Difference between d1 and d2
  • ROUND(d,fmt)--Round to format
  • TO_CHAR(string,format)
  • TO_DATE(string,format)

Oracle Number Functions

  • ABS(value)--Absolute value
  • CEIL(value)--Smallest integer larger than equal to value
  • COS(value)--Cosine value
  • EXP(value)--e raise to value
  • FLOOR(value)--Largest value smaller than equal to value
  • ROUND(value)--Rounding of value to precision
  • SIGN(value)--1 if positive -1 if negative
  • SQRT(value)--Square root of value
  • TAN(value)--Tangent of value
  • TRUNC(value)--Value truncated to precision

Oracle Group Functions

  • Avg(value)--Average of value for a group of rows
  • Count(value)--Count rows of columns
  • Max(value)--Maximum of all value for groups of rows
  • Min(value)--Minimum of all values for groups of rows
  • Sum(value)--Sum of all values for groups of rows

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