Installation Cookbooks: Installing Oracle Forms & Reports 6i - Page 2

January 8, 2004

Installation Guide for Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer - Release 6i for Sun SPARC Solaris


This document guides you through installing the server components of Oracle Forms & Reports for Sun SPARC Solaris, Release 6i, on the Solaris 8 operating system. The installation is performed using Oracle's Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), a GUI-based tool similar to the OUI for Oracle9i and other Oracle products. This guide takes you through the pre-installation, installation, and post-installation tasks referenced in the Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer Installation Guide dated March 2000 (Oracle Part No. A82817-01). Oracle Forms Server and Reports Server Installation Guide dated March 2000 (Oracle Part No. A82818-01) can also be used.


The following conventions are used in this installation guide:

  • "6i" refers to Oracle Forms Developer and Reports Developer Release 6i.
  • oradev6 is the UNIX account owner of the 6i files.
  • oradev6 belongs to two groups - oinstall and dba (dba is the primary group)
  • The home directory created/used for oradev6 is /opt1/ora6i
  • The ORACLE_HOME path used in examples is /opt1/ora6i/app/oracle/product/6.0
  • ORACLE_HOME for oradev6 is separate from any other ORACLE_HOME
  • ORACLE_HOME and the UNIX home directory for oradev6 is not the same thing. The home directory is where oradev6's .cshrc file is located and is the working directory when oradev6 first logs in. ORACLE_HOME refers to the directory path structure where the 6i program files are located.
  • Text in courier, such as "cd $ORACLE_HOME" is text you explicitly type or enter, or identifies explicit values or names, such as the UNIX user "root."
  • <...> = anything between the angle brackets is user-supplied and varies from user to user. "#" represents the UNIX prompt on your workstation.
  • <mnt_pt> is a mount point where the start of the Oracle installation tree begins (e.g., /opt1/ora6i)
  • All instructions to edit a file refer to using a text editor such as vi.
  • A key post-installation task includes installing an Oracle patch for 6i. The instructions for doing this are also covered in this guide. The 2.62GB disk space requirement includes the patch.

System Requirements

Solaris 8
CPU that is SPARC-based
Swap space two to four times the size of physical RAM
Sun OpenWindows to display GUI tools
2.62GB of hard disk space
No Sun Motif patches are necessary for Solaris 8