Oracle Migration Workbench - Part 4 - Page 3

December 8, 2004

Oracle Migration Workbench and SQL Server

Two preliminary steps that must be completed prior to starting the Migration Workbench utility are creating a new ODBC data source and installing the executable JAR file for SQL Server 2000.

If you are using Windows XP (and this is probably true for Windows 2000 as well), the version of the DLL file on your PC will be new enough (it must be version or higher). You can find the DLL file in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Right-click the file and select the Version tab, then look at the Product Version information.

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Follow the instructions in Chapter 3 of the User's Guide (the "Before Migrating From Microsoft SQL Server" section) to create a new data source. The series of screen shots that follow are what you will see in a step-by-step order. Access the ODBC Data Source Administrator via Administrative Tools (from the Control Panel or Start>Programs if that is enabled on your PC). Click Add while in the User DSN tab view to start the addition process.

Scroll down the list until you see SQL Server. Highlight it and click Finish.

Complete the fields as shown below (assuming you want to use the Northwind database; you can use pubs or whatever else you want).

My user "Steve" is set up to use OS authentication.

Click Next and select the Northwind database.

Accept the default settings as shown and click Finish.

Review the setup information and test connecting to the data source if desired.

I opted to test and the test completed successfully.