RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 1: Setting up VMware for Oracle/Intro to Virtualization/Server Consolidation - Page 2

October 31, 2005

Step 8: Use Bridged Networking. (Although you can pick scenarios such as creating two cards, one bridged for public network and the other "use host only network" for high speed interconnects for the clusterware to communicate , there is also the NAT option, which can be used.)

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Step 9: Next (Just take the default)

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Step 10: Create a new virtual disk

Step 11: SCSI (Again select default)

Step 12: Here we will give 10 GB of space for the OS installation and later we will install at least two more disks (RAW for OCFS work).

Step 13: Next

Step 14: What you will see when the disk is being created...

Step 15: Click on edit for settings...

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Step 16: The settings pane: here, as you can see, we can add more disks, network cards, etc.

We are far from done as we have to install the OS first and we will create more disks and keep them RAW, to use them as a "Quorum" disk. Then we will go about installing Windows 2003 enterprise edition and discuss Oracle RAC and the new features in the new Oracle 10g Release 2. This we will cover in part 2 of this series.

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