RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 2: Oracle RAC and RAW disk setup on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server - Page 2

November 3, 2005

Installing Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition

All right now, let’s start cooking our OS system inside our virtual machine.

Step 1: Preparing to install using the *.iso file

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Step 2: This we will install after having installed the OS

Step 3: Next, we go through a series of "Next" clicks, and I am sure you have done Windows Installations before so we will skip the 'next parts.' After having partitioned the primary hard drive (SCSI0:0), press enter

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Step 4: Here you might get a warning should you choose a weak password.

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Step 5: Choose your time zone

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Step 6: Typical Settings

Step 7: Restart the OS after having installed it.

Step 8: Install the VMware tools by clicking on top of the pane (outside the VMachine). Again, it is a simple few NEXT clicks.

Step 9: Setup your IP Address, Click on properties.

Step 10: Fill in your IP Address (I have my Home WLAN and I fill in IP Addresses as per my Wi-Fi Gateway).

Step 11 : Amazing, I have a 1 Gbits connection inside my Virtual Machine (Imagine if you were setting up two VM’s , which by the way I will do later using RHEL 4 Eval Version. You can achieve amazing results with the high speed inter-connects on your clusterware.

Step 12: I did have some problems connecting to this VM via my laptop (via WLAN) so I go ahead and also install Terminal Services.

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