RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part 2: Oracle RAC and RAW disk setup on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server - Page 3

November 3, 2005

Setting up RAW Disks

Here we will go about setting up RAW disks. Clusterware NEEDS to find these disks for installation. Otherwise it will not start.

Step 1: Add Disks to the VM.

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Step 2: 5 G should be enough.

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Step 3: Choose manage my computer.

Step 4: Upon right clicking the "Disk Management," disk installation wizards pop up!

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Step 5: Next

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Step 6: Next, these Disks should NOT be checked or else your Clusterware will NOT function!

Step 6: After a couple of 'NEXTS', you see that the Disks are BASIC and Unallocated.

Step 7: Right Click "Disk 1" to create a partition.

Step 8: Choose extended partition.

Step 9: Again, click NEXT two times and you see the Disk turn Green. Right click to create a "logical drive."

Step 10: Upon clicking NEXT three times, you must choose "do not assign a drive letter…"

Step 11: Do NOT format this partition!

Step 12: Now upon completing the RAW disk, you can see for yourself that it differs from your "regular cooked" disk.

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