Final Checks and OCFS2 Setup - Page 2

May 5, 2006

Configuring nodes for OCFS2

Click on add.

Port 7777 is automatically chosen.

Add both (or more nodes) and it will look like this:

Click apply to activate them.

Close the window, quit the application and go to the /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf file.

I unload and load the cluster as you can see here (not necessasy as you can see in the help command, you can query the OCFS2 status):

Starting the cluster manually:

The O2CB should be able to start on boot but with my installation (where I also had to downgrade my kernel to 2.6.11.x) I had to do this in order to get my O2CB driver to load on system startup (With the newer version it might not be needed).

After fixing this, run (remember we will do this on all nodes):

Then do the following (You do this to re-set the boot properties so the O2CB loads on system startup):