Final Checks and OCFS2 Setup - Page 3

May 5, 2006

Formatting the files with OCFS2

Note: Here we will only format the files where we will keep our OCR, CRS and ASMfile shared files. We will use ASMlibs for all other data files (which we will cover in the next article).

Note2: Unlike other operations, do this ONLY on ONE NODE, it propogates the changes to all nodes.

Choose format:

Here you get to pick the files which we partitioned with fdisk:

Click OK:

Yes and formatting:


After formatting , you will need to mount the disks on ALL nodes!

I did eventually end up adding the third (for my spasmfile), I just don't know why I didn't see it before, during formatting.

Configure OCFS to automatically mount on startup

Edit your /etc/fstab file like this:

Check it by typing "mount":

Note: Note that _netdev mount option. It is essential for OCFS2. It basically means that the volume must be mounted after the network is started and dismounted before the network is shutdown.

Also do chkconfig --list o2cb to see the startup options.

How about permissions?

Do the following (that chkconfig command is illustrated for the above mentioned instruction:


Here we took a good look at OCFS2 and how it works. We formatted our raw devices with OCFS2 and mounted them on all nodes. We made adjustments to cope with the startup during system startup. In our next article, we will pick up the trail and go ahead with ASMlib installation and setup.

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