Installing 10gR2 Database Software - Page 2

July 20, 2006

Installation progresses. This may take some time, but usually in a few minutes, you are all set.

I personally like to check the progress and occasionally I check the log file too, to see if everything is going as planned.

The installation process completes and you are prompted to run the root.sh script. Do not forget to run the root.sh script on ALL NODES! Start with the node you ran the installation on. Navigate to the directory where it is located and run root.sh. You must be logged in as root in a new console to do this.

AS you can see, it sets the Owner and Home variables. The local/bin path name is usually default but do check with your sysadmin to see if it fits according to your company installation guidelines. It also creates the oratab file. Click OK only after having done the same on ALL NODES.

Now go ahead and do the same on all nodes. After you are done, you can exit your GUI.