Open Source Virtualization: Oracle VM enters the Virtualization arena - Page 2

November 23, 2007

Installing Oracle VM

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Click enter.

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I usually skip the media check, although it is best practice to do the MD5 check.

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Choose English as the default language.

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Here we choose “us”.

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Here we choose “yes”

Upon being prompted, we choose the “remove all partitions on selected drives and create a default layout” and then select sda, and click “ok”.

Choose “yes”. Note in the picture, it is accidentally set on “no.”

Here we get to see the mount point; apparently, Oracle virtual server/ovs mounted on ocfs2 file system, much like vmware’s vmfs.

Set the boot loader as /dev/sda “Master Boot Record.”

Here, as you see in the extra settings above, we go for our first gigabit adapter eth0 as the management NIC card.