Listen Software's How To: SQL Plus Reports and Commands

March 25, 2002

  • set headsep--identifies a single character to split a title onto two or more lines
  • ttitle--Top Title
  • btitle--Bottom Title
  • column--Heading and format of a column
  • break on--Spaces between the section
  • compute sum--Calculate subtotals
  • set linesize--Set the maximum number of characters per line
  • set pagesize--Set the number of lines per page
  • set newpage--Set the number of lines between pages
  • spool--Move screen I/O to file I/O
  • set pause--Makes screen display stop between pages
  • save--Save an sql query to file
  • host--Sends commands to the host operating system
  • start--Execute sql from a file
  • edit--Edit sql stored in a file
  • define_editor--name the editor


column {field name} heading 'Enter Column Description' 
   format ann \| 9990.99  truncate \| word_wrapped

Other Commands

  • list--Outputs the contents of the SQL Buffer
  • clear buffer--Removes the contents of the SQL Buffer
  • append--Add contents the end of the SQL Buffer
  • c\{search pattern}\{replace pattern}--Changes a search pattern with a replace pattern for the SQL Buffer.

Running SQL Statements

connect user/password@host

; or / -> to run SQL

@filename -> run the SQL in a file