Procedure: Deploy the Analysis Services Project

November 10, 2006


Use this procedure to deploy the Analysis Services project.

Before deploying the Analysis Services project, we will ensure alignment of the deployment server. We will also change the name of the destination Analysis Services database, to prevent write over of the Analysis Services DW database if we have already installed it for education and testing purposes.

From inside Business Intelligence Development Studio for the Analysis Services project you wish to deploy:

  1. Right-click the DBJ_Adventure Works DW Analysis Services project in the Solution Explorer.
  2. Select Properties from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 1.

Illustration 1: Select Properties for the Project ...

The Properties Pages dialog opens.

  1. Within the left-hand pane, under Configuration Properties, select Deployment.
  2. In the Target section of the right-hand pane, ensure that the correct server / server instance combination is in place in the Server box.
  3. Within the Database section, replace the existing Database name, Adventure Works DW, with the following:
DBJ_Adventure Works DW

The Properties Pages dialog appears, with our modified settings, similar to that shown in Illustration 2.

Illustration 2: The Properties – Deployment Page, with Modified Settings ...

  1. Click OK to accept changes and close the dialog.

We can now deploy the project.

  1. Right-click the Adventure Works DW Analysis Services project in the Solution Explorer, once again.
  2. Select Deploy from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 3.

Illustration 3: Initiating Analysis Services Project Deployment ...

Deployment begins. Deployment and processing can be monitored from the Deployment Progress viewer, where the steps of processing are logged as they transpire. Once processing finishes, we receive a Deployment Completed Successfully message in the Status bar at the bottom of the viewer, as shown in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: "Process Succeeded" Message