Step Instructions
Create Database  
Custom Custom allows you to define the parameters, locations of: datafiles, logfiles, archive files. Define tablespace names and parameters.
Replication Bypass
Database Size Choose between three sizes for the database: small, medium, or large. Verify the character set is WE8ISO8859P1.
Instance Information Enter in the name of the database, the System Identification (4 characters), the file location and name of the initialization file, and the internal user password and confirmed password.
Control Files Enter the name and location for the control files. Specify the maximum number of datafiles, maximum number of logfiles, and maximum number of log members. I prefer three as a number of the maximum log members.
Initial Tablespace Information Every Oracle Database need as minimum of the following tablespaces: user (a tablespace container for tables,views,snapshots), index (a tablespace container for indexes and primary key constraints), tmp (a tablespace container for sorting records), rb (a tablespace container for the rollback segments), and sys ( the system tablespace). For each tablespace specify: the location of the datafile and size, the initial extent size, the next extent size, the minimum number of extents, the maximum number of extents, or unlimited extents.
Redo Log Information To activate archiving check the archive log option. Specify the destination of the archive directory.
SGA Information Select the defaults. Later change the parameters after analyzing system statistics. Leave this section to the pros.
Trace Director Information Specify the Trace File Directory and the User Process Directory.
Create the Database Now Press the previous button may reset some of the fields. You will notice which fields are reset to default values as you move forward.