Name Value Description
background_dump_des bdump Detached process dump directory
checkpoint_process TRUE Create a separate checkpoint process
control_files   control file names list
core_dump_dest   core dump destination
cput_count 6 Number of cpus for the instance
db_block_buffers 144000 number of database blocks cached in memory
db_block_size 8192 Size of the database block size
db_domain WORLD global database name
db_file_multiblock_read_count 16 Database block to be read each I/O
db_file_simultaneous_writes 4 Maximum simultaneous writes per database file
db_files 1022 Maximum allowable number of database files
db_name you provide the name Database Name
db_writers 1 The number of database writers
global_names FALSE Enforce that database links have same name as remote database
log_archive_buffer_size 32 size of each buffer in log file blocks
log_archiving_buffers 5 Number of buffers allocate for archiving
log_archive_dest   Archival destination
log_archive_duplex_dest   duplex the archive files
log_archive_format %t_s.arch file format of the archive files
log_archive_start TRUE Start archival process on SGA
log_buffer 3145728 Redo circular buffer size
log_checkpoint_interval 31457280 Indicates the number of redo blocks for checkpoint threshold
log_checkout_timeout 0 Maximum time interval in seconds between checkpoints
log_files 255 Maximum allowable number of log files
max_dump_file_size   maximum size of the trace file
open_cursors 50 maximum number of cursors per process
optimizer mode CHOOSE Optimizer Mode
oracle_trace_enable FALSE Oracle TRACE
os_roles FALSE Retrieves roles from the operating system
processes 100 Maximum number of user processes
remote_login_passwordfile NONE Password file usage
rollback_segments rbs01,rbs02 Undo segment list
sequence_cache_entries 12 Number of sequence cache entries
shared_pool_reserved_size 0 Size in bytes of reserved area of shared pool
shared_pool_size 262144000 Size in Bytes of shared pool
sort_area_retained_size 5422880 Size of in-memory sort work area
sort_area_size 20971520 Size of in-memory sort area
sort_write_buffer_size 65536 Szie of each sort direct write buffers
sort_write_buffers 4 Number of sort direct write buffers
sql_trace FALSE Enable SQL Trace
timed_statistics TRUE Maintain internal timing statistics
transactions 126 number of concurrent active transactions
user_dump_dest   user process dump directory