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As part of the system documentation I maintain about my main SQL Server I wanted to a report detailing the
locations of all the database files. It also includes all of the options you can set when creating the DB,
including log files. I also use it to help monitor growth over time.

This is an Excel Workbook (97) designed to provide a formatted report, detailing information about all of the
database files on your server. It uses ADO to query system tables, and simple macros format the results
into a report.
A new Worksheet is produced each time the main macro is run, which is kept within the Workbook for
future reference.

Unfortunately there was two small bugs in the first version posted here, the template sheet was
protected and the Server cell reference in the VBA code was incorrect. These have now been fixed.


  • 1. Download (See below)
  • 2. Open the Excel file (DBFiles.xls) contained within
  • 3. On the Overview sheet, set your server name as indicated.
  • 4. Hit Ctrl+Shift+F and watch the report appear

Please note that this is designed for SQL Server 7, and uses integrated security by default.
You can easily edit the macro to use SQL Server Logins if you wish.


Please note that this program is provided without any warranty or assurances of any kind.
Use it at your own risk. Commercial distribution or distribution for profit in any form is strictly forbidden without prior permission from the author.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Download DBFiles.

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