Lotus Notes and SQL Mail

I’ve seen many questions on how to setup SQL Mail to use Lotus Notes, but have never found the answer. There have been many ideas, but none that seemed to work, at least easily.

Working with our Lotus Staff, I’ve finally found a way that is easy to configure and easy to use. This was done on Windows NT 4.0 sp 5 with SQL Server 7. I think it will work just as well with 6.5, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Here it goes:

  1. Install Microsoft Messaging – Using the Windows NT setup, install Microsoft Messaging on the database server. At this time, do not install any of the mail services, you will do this at later.
  2. Install Lotus Notes client – Install the Lotus Notes client software, version 4.6.2 or newer, on the database server. You will need to have a Lotus Notes user created and setup on this system. If you installed the Notes client prior to installing MS Messaging, you will want to re-install Notes after Messaging is installed. There is a way around this, but let’s keep it simple.
  3. Add the Lotus Notes service to the database server’s MS Messaging client and create a MS Messaging client.
    1. Edit the Exchange Inbox properties.
    2. A window will appear where you select what services you want to install.
    3. Select Lotus Notes Mail only. Proceed to the next screen.
    4. When prompted for a password, enter the Notes password.
    5. Accept defaults to completion.
    6. Edit the Exchange Inbox properties again.
    7. This screen will have three tabs: Services, Delivery, and Addressing.
    8. In the Addressing tab, add the any Address Books you wish to include.
  4. Next, configure SQL Mail to use the profile you just setup in MS Messaging that uses the Lotus Notes Mail service. This is just like setting up SQL Mail using Exchange. The fact that the Exchange client is going to transport over Lotus Notes Services is transparent to SQL Server.
  5. Use the standard SQL Server supplied xp_sendmail command to generate the email. sample: exec master..Xp_sendmail ‘[email protected]’,@subject = ‘sending mail’, @message = ‘is cool’

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