Remote Notification to Mobile Phone via Short Message Service

[SQL Server Version 6.5] [SQL Server Version 7.0]

An alternative for Pager Notifications for Operaters can be accomplished using Text Messaging on a mobile phone.
This option can be simple and free to implement as it does not require third-party software, just an EMail-SMS service provider

Unfortunately while developing this method I have only found UK based EMail-SMS service providers.
While I realise that this will restrictive, some people should find it
useful and hopefully someone may know of other EMail-SMS service providers in other countries that can be included
within the article.


The remote notification is accomplished by sending SQL Mail messages to an email address that
will route the message to a mobile phone as a text message.

  1. The SQL Mail messages are sent from SQL Server to the mail client using:
    • Microsoft Mail
    • Exchange Server
  2. The mail client forwards messages to a routing email address
  3. The messages are sent to the mobile phone handset as SMS Text Messages


Creation of a Routing Email account:

This account is created on a site such as BT Cellent’s Genie site
A free account can be registered that will route emails to a mobile phone using SMS. The email address will be of the format

Register an account with the following steps:

  1. Click on Register, at the top of the home page
  2. Fill-in the application
  3. For CHOICE OF SERVICE option, select ‘Register for the Genie web site service only’
  4. Click the Accept button

I suggest that you test the email address once it has been set up (e.g. send an email with the current time). The email should only take
a few minutes to reach the handset.

Forward SQL Mail notifications to Mail client:

Emails from the SQL Server Microsoft Mail (or Exchange Server) account are forwarded to
the Routing Email Account using Rules with Microsoft Outlook. The email
addresses of the SQL Server and the routing email account should be the Outlook Contacts /
Global Address List (see Step 7 & 10).

Set up a Rule with the following steps:

  1. Select Rules Wizard from the Tools menu
  2. Click on New…
  3. Select rule type Build as I go
  4. Select When I recieve a message in my Inbox, for when to apply the rule
  5. Click the Next > button
  6. Select from people or distrubtion list
  7. In the Rules Description box click on the from people or distrubtion list underlined link and select the SQL Server Operator mail account
  8. Click the Next > button
  9. Select forward it to people or distrubtion list
  10. In the Rules Description box click on the forward it to people or distrubtion list
    underlined link and select the routing email account
  11. Click the Next > button
  12. Select any exception that may apply
  13. Click the Next > button
  14. Give the rule a name and select Turn on the rule
  15. Click the Finish button


The installation assumes that SQL Mail is already operating on the SQL Server. If this is not the case the
following articles should assist in setting-up of SQL Mail:

The installation also assumes that Operators have been set up for both the SQL Server and the mail client.

Microsoft Outlook is the only mail client that I have used so far. Microsoft Exchange client
does not appear to support mail forwarding through rules. Any other clients that do please
inform me this article can be updated.

Comments welcome.

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