SQL Server Based Backup Application v2

Attached script is an addition to the original version of the SQL Server backup application. (See previous article at http://www.swynk.com/friends/smirnov/backupsapp.asp)

Here is the list of the updated implementing with the script:

  • New procedure sp_DB_CheckCatalog was added to check consistency of the database system catalog by running DBCC CHECKCATALOG for each database. Procedure will generate records in the tbl_Activity_Log showing the status of the catalog check (COMPLETE / FAIL).
  • Procedure sp_DB_Reindex has been fixed to avoid error messaged from the improper SQL statement to check the existence of the indexes defined for the table
  • Procedure sp_Backup_Data has been change to call procedure sp_DB_CheckCatalog. Please remember to change the path stored in the variable @backup_device_path (“C:MSSQL7BACKUP”) to the one you use to store your backups.

I would like to thank everyone for your interest and suggestions.

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