The Bit Corner, Inc.

What’s in a name?

When I was attending Arizona State University, I had my first class in microprocessor programming.
The teacher would challenge us by having us write a program that did something in the least number of
instructions. He would tell us his solution “did it in 23 instructions”; extra credit was given to those
who could beat it.

For a select few of us, this wasn’t just another college course to survive. This was our first real taste
of how microprocessors worked, and it was fascinating. Here was a wonderful new toy that would do our
bidding, if we just asked in the right manner. We spent several hours trying to beat the teacher, sometimes
succeeding, sometimes not.

For our efforts, the teacher nick-named us the “Bit Corner” – the group of people who wanted to get involved
with the new world of computers down to the last bit.

That’s the spirit behind The Bit Corner, Inc. It’s the desire to always push forward, to learn more, to
watch the fruits of our efforts pay off for our clients.

Welcome to the Bit Corner.

Steve Hontz is President of The Bit
Corner, Inc.
, a Phoenix-based consulting firm
specializing in Windows NT, C++, and SQL Server
development. You can reach him at
[email protected].

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