VBS option for (SQL Server 2000 Beta) DTS Previewed

I have lucky enough to be working with SQL Server 2000 Beta for a little while. I read a lot about it from everyone, but I have yet to notice anything on the new Package option for DTS. This is in the beta that I have been working with, and it works wonderful, so I hope it will be in the released version.

Currently in SQL Server 7 we have a GUI workflow that we can manipulate and then save as an Internal Package in SQL Server, or outside SQL Server. The only problem (at least for me in the past) is changing the connection of the created package if I wanted it to run without the whole GUI setup… (for example if I wanted to include it in a VB program, and let the user change some variables, and connections.)

In SQL Server 2000 Beta, you can save your DTS package as a VB Script file. This is a tremendously great option!! Now someone like me (Simple Dev guy) can look at the VBS file, cut/paste into a VBA module (like access), or VB 6 Module, and completely rapidly create changes in connections, variables, etc. Even create a class object based on the VBS file… and on and ON!! Wahoo!!
(Can you tell I’m excited?)

This brings the rapid speed of the DTS Pump into my own custom SQL applications, using my connections, variables, and UI. Which may be slower than BCP for one table or data transfer, but if you have 2 table/Data or more transfers(or Transformations of Data) that you need to do(or want to do) in parallel for speed in an easy way, it kicks BCP’s butt!

has been goofing around VB for more than 5 years. Has coded for
Atlantic, & Americatel Telecom companies. Currently contracted on a
projects for a small unknown company called Microsoft, and doing a side
for another small pharmaceutical company, which would kill him if it’s name
ever divulged. 😉

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