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Posted Mar 25, 2003

New Dreamweaver MX Add-on Automates SQL Queries

By DatabaseJournal.com Staff

Matthews, NC - March 24, 2003 - Advanced Extensions (www.advancedextensions.com), a division of data integration and reporting innovator, Decision Support Inc., today announced the release of Advanced Query WizardT, a robust SQL query-building tool that speeds and simplifies the creation of dynamic Web pages in Macromedia DreamweaverR MX. Unlike existing solutions that require knowledge of SQL, Advanced Query Wizard simplifies Web application development by enabling designers and developers to insert dynamic data, such as information on sales, pricing, or availability, via an intuitive graphical and menu-driven interface. The extension automatically generates the correct SQL code necessary to perform extracts, joins, filters, groups, summaries, and other complex selection criteria quickly with a simple, click-and-drag process.

Pilot users report appreciation for Advanced Query Wizard's ease-of-use and time saving ability. Josh Cavalier, president of Interactive Fun!, LLC, a nationally recognized provider of consulting and training services to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies said, "Advanced Query Wizard is a tool that is going to help us empower the clients we train by enabling them complete their development work more efficiently. Advanced Query Wizard is also very helpful in our own consulting work. I just used it to develop a query for the Web site of a national non-profit organization, and in minutes, I had completed the query without having to write or verify any SQL code. Advanced Query Wizard is going to be a very valuable tool to anyone who works with Dreamweaver MX."

Zachariah Crow, Design and Systems Development, BC Centre for International Education, Victoria, BC, Canada, said, "After installing Advanced Query Wizard, I created my first complex recordset in about five minutes. Advanced Query Wizard's interface is really user-friendly, and drastically shortens the learning curve, making me more productive and saving substantial time."

Dave Baxter, Engineering Tech at Great Lakes Energy, Boyne City, MI, said, "Up until now I have had to learn SQL by trial and error, and lots of late night reading. Without a doubt, Advanced Query Wizard is one of the best extensions for Dreamweaver MX that I have had the pleasure to use."

Advanced Query Wizard's user-friendly format cuts programming time for novice and advanced users alike. Its graphical and menu-driven interface automatically creates SQL syntax to correctly perform complex extracts and joins that return the desired dynamic record (data) sets. Other key features include:

  • Seamless integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX eliminates the need to run a second program to create the correct syntax for SQL queries, or perform copy/paste from another program.
  • Graphical, drag-and-drop "Join" option makes it easy to see which columns are available for creating multi-table joins and makes it easy to relate tables to each other without knowing complex join syntax.
  • "Detail" or "Summary" selection provides appropriate filtering and grouping options automatically, enabling users to accurately create either kind of SQL query.
  • Live view of sample data values in selected tables and columns facilitates specification of query properties such as filter conditions, column width, and grouping parameters.
  • Drag-and-drop feature uses live column data in filter and grouping statements enabling faster and more accurate creation of filter and grouping statements.
  • User-friendly data format function simplifies working with dates and date ranges.
  • Detail and aggregate (or group) level filtering capability, plus enhanced filter logic, including "IN" list, "Between Values," "Contains," "Begins with," and "Ends with" speed and simplify filter development for detail and summary queries.
  • Preview capability for Recordsets and Datasets speeds and enhances troubleshooting.

Decision Support Director of Business Development, Steve Adamec, said, "Advanced Query Wizard is a valuable, easy-to-use extension for all Web designers and developers using Dreamweaver MX, whether beginner or expert. It seamlessly interfaces to cut the time-consuming and often highly complex process of developing dynamic Web sites. We discovered a need for this product when working on our own Web site, and now we are receiving overwhelming praise for Advanced Query Wizard from Web developers at every skill level."

Advanced Query Wizard supports all server technologies (including ASP, ASP.Net, Cold Fusion, JSP, PHP, etc.) that are supported by Dreamweaver MX. It works with MicrosoftR WindowsR 98 SE; Windows NTR (4.0 or higher); WindowsR 2000, and WindowsR XP.

Pricing and Availability

Advanced Query Wizard is priced at $129.95, and is available immediately from Advanced Extensions. For more information, or to purchase Advanced Query Wizard, contact Advanced Extensions at: 704-845-1000; on the Web at: www.advancedextensions.com; or e-mail: info@advancedextensions.com.

About Advanced Extensions

Advanced Extensions, a division of Decision Support Inc., develops efficiency tools for Macromedia users, and is a member of the Macromedia Alliance Complementary Technology Partner program. The division's premier product, Advanced Query WizardT, is an extension that provides a seamless interface with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to facilitate the creation of dynamic Web pages. Advanced Query Wizard makes building SQL queries fast and easy, both for designers who are not familiar with SQL commands, and for the more experienced Web application developer. Advanced Extensions is headquartered in Matthews, NC. For more information, visit www.advancedextensions.com or call 704-845-1000.

About Decision Support Inc.

Decision Support Inc. is celebrating its twentieth year of providing cross-platform data access and reporting tools and services to a worldwide customer base comprising manufacturers, banks and credit unions, healthcare providers, and government agencies. Its latest generation of browser-based reporting solutions incorporates the DQbroker enterprise data access technology that enables users to view, modify, and join disparate data in real time, and provides on-demand queries as well as standard scheduled reports. Decision Support is headquartered in Matthews, NC. For more information, visit www.decisionsupport.com or call 704-845-1000.

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