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Posted May 16, 2003

IronGrid Launches IronEye Cache

By Linda Cole

Excessive database calls in an application can often be the source of performance bottlenecks. While intelligent caching may improve performance and scalability, typical solutions may just as often cause additional problems.

IronEye Cache is a Java tool that enables intelligent caching in any JDBC application with no changes to source code. It lets you quickly tune database performance and scalability without the complexity of traditional caching systems. Conduct scenarios, measure repeat simulations, and export statistics for additional analysis with the Swing-based GUI.

IronEye, an in-memory caching solution, retains snapshots of query results using memory management techniques that create a secondary store within an application. The 'point-n-click' caching system works with any application using JDBC and will work with any database. IronEye Cache ensures data integrity by immediately committing data to the database when an update occurs. In addition, Java/J2EE application performance is enhanced as previously stored results are retrieved from its in-memory cache during subsequent data reads.

IronEye Cache puts an end to the overhead of connecting to the database, executing a query, and returning results across a network connection by allowing data to be cached in local memory. An interface similar to a Native JDBC driver is employed by IronEye Cache to insert itself between an application and the underlying database. Integration is seamless and requires no modification to your database or to your application's source code.

Time-based caching enables the user to control what is cached as well as the time period in which it is cached. The point-n-click system makes IronEye Cache not only simple to use, but also allows the user to determine the best possible cache configuration for optimum performance.

IronEye offers users the capability of creating various scenarios in the development environment, to determine optimum performance and scalability tuning. In addition, it enables Java/J2EE developers to establish the precise caching configuration necessary for optimum performance of their application.


  • Includes a fully interactive user interface with reports and graphs.
  • Provides a seamless point and click caching solution.
  • Works with any application using JDBC, any database, and requires no code changes.
  • An in-memory caching solution (that creates a secondary store inside an application for retaining snapshots of query results) which greatly enhances the performance of Java/J2EE applications.
  • Especially useful for caching queries in session beans and applications that do not use EJBs but require a mechanism for caching.
  • Provides control over performance allowing users to determine the efficiency of the current caching configuration.
  • Enables continuous performance through repeated simulations of various cache configurations allowing Java/J2EE developers to determine the caching configuration that will result in optimum performance of their applications.
  • Provide execution time statistics for all SQL statements
  • Ability to set time period for caching a specific statement
  • Ability to export statistics for off-line performance analysis

IronEye Cache requires a minimum of 5MB of disk space and 120MB of memory. The full version which includes Java requires 15MB of disk space.

A 10 day trial version may be downloaded from the IronGrid website. A single user license is priced at $695, however, an introductory offer of $495 is available through June14, 2003.

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