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Posted Oct 3, 2003

Transparent Appliance Accelerates SQL Retrieval Queries

By Linda Cole

InfoCyclone, after a Successful Oracle World debut in September, is scheduled for release to the public in mid-October. The product is a transparent appliance that accelerates SQL retrieval queries. It resides between the application server and the database. By installing a very small driver in the server (or client depending on the architecture), which acts as a type of splitter, InfoCyclone identifies all of the queries, forwarding transactional queries along to the database as usual, but redirecting the resource intensive read queries to the appliance.

Designed to improve the performance of database-related applications, InfoCyclone is capable of concurrently accelerating the applications' retrieval from a number of databases

Rob Secontine, InfoCyclone V.P. of North American Operations states that InfoCyclone is capable of processing SQL queries in speeds that are in orders of magnitude. He states Data retrieval speed is augmented on a low end by seven or eight times; however, clients are reporting 20 to 30 times faster performance. This is not for individual queries, but across the entire scale of queries.

InfoCyclone is transparently added to the network; it is not necessary to upgrade or make any changes to the database infrastructure, except for the addition of the small InfoCyclone driver. In addition, applications will not require any alterations.

Performance and bottlenecks are automatically handled by InfoCyclone, negating the need to monitor performance manually. The InfoCyclone appliance automatically addresses these issues by looking through the Oracle log files to determine the hot-spot data on the database, which is then organized in an efficient and proprietary manner on the memory of the appliance. Queries that it determines are resource intensive read queries, it redirects to the InfoCyclone appliance where they are processed with the built-in InfoCyclone SQL engine.

Data is refreshed on a user-specified time frame. InfoCyclone looks for only those changes in the data that are affected by the queries in the report that is being augmented. The refresh from the database can happen once a minute, once a day, once an hour--it is determined by the client. In addition to improving the performance of many popular business intelligence applications, many clients develop customized query report applications, which can be supported and enhanced by the InfoCyclone appliance.

The hardware solutions are driven by the amount of need in terms of how much memory the device will require in order to process the reports effectively. The product is currently sold in two formats. The entry-level version is a two CPU Xeon processor, 4GB appliance that sells for $60,000. Also offered is a 4 CPU Xeon processor, 16GB, main memory appliance that has a list price of $149,000. In addition, an Itanium based version, which will allow InfoCyclone to go even larger in terms of the main memory, will be introduced in about 30 days, at an as yet undetermined price.

InfoCyclones solution currently supports Oracle; future versions will support other major DBMS.

InfoCyclone is a U.S. based company, with most of their research, development facilities and production taking place in their Tel-Aviv office.

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