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Posted Oct 9, 2003

Vembu Technologies releases Vembu PL2TSQL

By Linda Cole

Released earlier this month, Vembu PL2TSQL is a tool that automates the migration of Oracle PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Triggers to Microsoft SQL-Server Transact-SQL.

Oracle provides a free tool, Oracle Migration Work Bench to convert T-SQL to PL/SQL; however, Microsoft offered no such tool for conversions from PL/SQL to T-SQL. Vembu Technologies decided to fill this void and thus was born their PL2TSQL tool.

"With Microsoft SQL-Server gaining momentum as an enterprise database, we believe the PL2TSQL tool would go a long way in giving enterprises and ISVs the flexibility to switch databases more easily than before," said Sekar Vembu, CEO of Vembu Technologies. "We are committed to developing such migration tools for other databases as well, to make enterprise applications truly portable across databases".added Mr. Vembu.

PL2TSQL is implemented in Java; therefore, it can work in any platform: Windows, Linux, Solaris etc. The system requirements are very modest requiring only a standard PC.

Interested users may avail themselves of this tool either by purchasing a license or using the Application Service, where PL/SQL code is sent to Vembu and converted for a fee.

In this not so perfect world, PL2TSQL is way ahead of the non-existent competition, automatically handling approximately 70-90% of the conversion, depending on the complexity of the PL/SQL code. Clients who opt to license the software may have to manually tweak the remainder themselves. Vembu takes care of all manual work and any customization required for those who use their Application Service.

Knut Hole, Manager of System Development for Metier Scandinavia, Norway stated, "Initially, I was a little bit skeptical about whether or not a tool that converts PL/SQL to T-SQL actually works. I decided to Send our PL/SQL files for conversion to T-SQL to Vembu Technologies. I must say that I am surprised to see how well the PL2TSQL tool performed! It is just the kind of conversion I was hoping for. Overall I was very satisfied with the conversion, and I will most certainly contact Vembu whenever I need this type of job done again."

Vembu PL2TSQL 1.0 is not available for download, however, interested parties may contact Vembu with their official Email address and full contact information to be considered for a 7-day evaluation version. Alternatively, interested parties may send up to 10 sample PL/SQL procedures for Vembu to convert to Transact-SQL, and return for evaluation.

Pricing is based on the number of lines to be converted, starting at US$50 per 500 lines, with volume based discounts. For example, 100,000 lines would run US$6000 while 1,000,000 lines would go for US$30,000. After the specified number of lines has been converted, the software is locked. If additional lines need to be converted a new key is issued, again based on the number of lines. The price for the Application Service is also based on the number of lines to be converted plus a separate fee for any manual tweaking required.

Vembu Technologies, founded in 2002, focuses on providing tools and APIs with the objective of making applications work better with multiple relational databases. The tools and APIs are being developed for both Java/J2EE and C#/.NET environments.

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