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Posted Aug 2, 2004

Is it email? Is it an instant message? No! It's QAnywhere!

By Linda Cole

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., today announced the release of a new technology called QAnywhere. QAnywhere, a part of SQL Anywhere Studio, is a new messaging technology that makes it possible for application developers to send and receive messages between mobile applications and enterprise systems.

iAnywhere, with an ear to customer requests, provided a technology that allowed developers to work offline, collect data, and then synchronize it later with back-end databases.  Customers then indicated a desire to work with other back-end systems, specifically with back-end messaging systems, including JMS (Java Message Service), or vendors like IBM's MQSeries or TIBCO.  iAnywhere decided to streamline the process with the introduction of a 'store and forward' messaging technology called QAnywhere, for mobile users.

Roger Kehl, Senior Product Manager at iAnywhere Solutions describes 'store and forward' messaging by saying, "It's almost easier to talk about what it isn't. This isn't email messaging, or instant messaging, or SMS, or anything like that. This is the paradigm where you have an application at either end, they create messages, put them in a queue, and the application on the other end picks them up."

This extends the back-end integration option for developers to include messaging to support JMS, which leverages the existing mobile architecture that is already in place so that mobile database customers can continue to use what they have as well as integrate with back-end systems other than strictly enterprise databases.

Since QAnywhere is built on top of an existing architecture, many of the features already in the mobile database synchronization technology can be picked up--for example, security. SQL Anywhere Studio has the ability to not only encrypt data on the device but also to encrypt the stream that is sent back and forth. Similarly, the new messaging technology will encrypt messages as they are stored on the device as well as while they are being transmitted to the back-end system.

In addition to security, QAnywhere is able to recover those messages that succumb to a crash in the same way SQL Anywhere would recover data and transactions on the database side. It is a well know fact that wireless networks are not the most stable connections. Coverage can drop, or a user might be roaming between networks, which can mean different IP addresses. SQL Anywhere is already equipped to work with the inherent problems of wireless networks and now QAnywhere messaging technology leverages those same techniques. If a large message is dropped in mid-transfer, QAnywhere will pick up where it left off--there is no need to re-transmit the entire message.

iAnywhere already had the functionality in their mobile database to initiate a connection with a mobile user and send data down to that user's last known address, even if he were roaming between different networks. Similarly, push notification is available with messaging--enterprise messages can be pushed out to the appropriate user.

QAnywhere is always available--users can work offline, synchronizing their data later Not only will mobile applications integrate with back-end databases but also with back-end messaging systems. Users will synchronize data in the mornings and then work offline during the day. They will have all of the data they need to do their job. At the same time, they will also be able to take an order, or do anything else that needs to hit their back-end system as a message. Using QAnywhere, they will be able to send those messages instantly or queue them to be delivered when they get back to the office. In addition, rules can be set up, filtering which messages should be sent immediately and which held for the end of the day, providing a cost-effective method to transmit messages.

QAnywhere is available immediately in SQL Anywhere Studio 9.0.1. Developers can visit www.ianywhere.com/qanywhere to download the free SQL Anywhere Developer Edition and to register for a QAnywhere technical webcast.

About SQL Anywhere Studio
SQL Anywhere Studio is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise data synchronization, enabling the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications. With more than 8 million deployed seats, SQL Anywhere Studio powers embedded database applications in desktop, server, mobile and remote office environments.

About iAnywhere
iAnywhere is the worldwide market leader in mobile and embedded databases, mobile middleware and mobile and remote device management. More than 15,000 customers and 1,000 partners rely on the company's award-winning enterprise products, including SQL Anywhere Studio and XcelleNet frontline solutions. In addition, its AvantGo mobile Internet service has more than ten million registered subscribers. iAnywhere is a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY). Visit www.ianywhere.com for more information.

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