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Posted Feb 14, 2005

Ingrian Announces the release of Ingrian DataSecure(TM) Platform 4.0

By Linda Cole

Ingrian Networks, Inc. today announced the release of the Ingrian DataSecureTM Platform, release 4.0, a comprehensive data privacy solution for encrypting and securing critical data in applications and databases. DataSecure is a network available device that can interface at any one of three layers, the web layer, the application layer or the database layer. The new release boosts scalability, improves performance and offers increased administrative controls.

The nature of attacks has evolved. Attacks are now more focused on extracting data and less focused on taking down networks or taking down systems. Identity theft is rampant, resulting in legislative mandates and security policies mandating protection of specific types of data. Quite often, these mandates stipulate that data be encrypted.

There are four challenges to over-come when adopting data encryption:

  • performance
  • application integration and code changes
  • key management
  • the operational cost of on-going management of the solution

Ingrian has enabled a solution to address these challenges for encrypting critical data in applications and databases through a centralized platform. By enabling centralized security and key management, Ingrian streamlines the enforcement of encryption policies across the enterprise.

The solution is comprised of three components, the DataSecure Appliance, the Network-Attached Encryption (NAE) Server and the NAE Connectors. The DataSecure Appliance, which centrally stores all of the cryptographic keys, is the dedicated security hardware and comes in four models with options for FIPS/non-FIPS, and added component redundancy. The NAE Server, which sits on the appliance itself, is built to handle and process a high number of cryptographic operations. Finally, the NAE Connectors are software on the application server, web server or database that intelligently encrypt granular information down to credit card numbers or Social Security Card numbers. It supports Java, Microsoft , and C/C++ applications and comes complete with enhanced database integration tools for Oracle, MS SQL, DB2.

Implementations of encryption at the database level can be done transparently to the application; but typically require the DBA to make some database schema changes. However, the Ingrian Datasecure solution enables these changes to be done in an automated fashion using the DataSecure GUI, which has a specific component for databases. As a result, all database schema changes are done seamlessly without requiring the DBA to log into the database.

The platforms are scalable to n-number of devices and utilities are included that provide the capability to access the base table directly for doing batch processes.

New features and enhancements include:

  • Improved performance. A single appliance can do approximately 8,000 cryptographic transactions per second, with latency of less than 0.3 ms for a single request.
  • Strengthened AAA Support. Advanced authorization policies; enhanced logging and statistics; more granular access control lists (ACLs); and integration with an external LDAP server for user authentication.
  • New enterprise deployment features. Intuitive configuration of server clusters via the user interface to support scalability and failover, and more granular backup/restore options, including the ability to select which keys will be backed up.
  • More robust administrative controls. New features enable administrators, via a graphical user interface and via an XML interface, to do secure replication of all configuration information, including keys, groups and user profiles.

DataSecure protects against a broad range of threats, including unauthorized access to data, and applications and databases being compromised. The product supports multiple versions of Oracle, SQLServer and DB2 with solutions for DB2 are currently in the works.

Ingrian Networks brings complete data privacy to the enterprise. With Ingrian DataSecure Platforms, organizations can protect critical data from both internal and external threats, and ensure compliance with legislative and policy mandates for security.

For additional information, please visit http://www.ingrian.com/.

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