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Posted Jul 14, 2005

Monitor and Manage Database Infrastructures with GridApp's Clarity

By Linda Cole

More databases, more information to manage, more rules that govern how you manage it.

Organizations face a growing need for more databases to store the ever-growing amounts of information going into those databases, an efficient means to manage that data and a method to ensure they are in compliance with whatever regulatory standard they need to abide by.

GridApp's Clarity provides a single dashboard, one comprehensive view, into managing multiple databases. Rather than managing 500 databases individually, a DBA is able to manage all of the databases through one console. And when Rob Gardos, CEO of GridApp Systems says manage, he doesn't mean tuning the SQL, he's talking about monitoring, automated patch management, moving resource capacity, incrementally scaling databases, auditing, tracking exception-based events and other automated system level tasks.

GridApp Systems provides a comprehensive method for organizations to monitor and manage their heterogeneous distributed database structure. GridApp's Clarity offers one unified view for system level tasks such as applying patches, auditing user activity and encrypting specific data on the database.

Rob Gardos told Database Journal, "With our Clarity Enterprise Software, we can essentially de-couple the database and the physical server, in the sense that views become objects, servers become pools of resources and databases become business objects that are performing a specific function. By doing that, our software facilitates the moving of these business objects, specifically your databases, across all of your physical servers."

If a particular database business object requires additional capacity, Clarity can either move that business object to a machine that has more capacity, or in the case of distributed environments like Oracle RAC and UDB, additional physical servers can literally be added to support the database object.

The GridApp solution transforms the static, inflexible world of databases into a completely dynamic, self-compensating world where the database is portable and can literally be moved from one server to another on the fly. DBAs can not only monitor, patch and audit activity but can more efficiently use all of their resources as they start to think of their databases as portable objects rather than static entities that live on a server.

Along those same lines, another piece of functionality offered by Clarity is the ability to add capacity, physical servers, to support an individual database when needed, and to do so online, on the fly. For example, a database starts to slow down due to excessive traffic. Based on pre-determined rules set by the DBA, the GridApp solution literally grabs physical capacity from elsewhere in the infrastructure, allowing the database to process more transactions. When the spike has passed, the system relinquishes that capacity, giving it back to the pool where it sits in a ready state to be distributed elsewhere when needed. .

Clarity's virtualization capabilities allow companies to achieve tangible cost savings by harnessing more power out of their existing database infrastructure and avoiding unnecessary investments in new hardware to accommodate spikes in demand. The combination of Clarity's virtualization and database management capabilities offer a comprehensive solution to the complex problem of database management and monitoring.

Headquartered in New York City, GridApp Systems, Inc. was founded in 2002. The company was formed to implement the database management vision conceived from the team's field experience operating a major e-commerce site.

For additional information, please visit http://www.gridapp.com/.

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