SQLTools Beta Released

June 17, 2002

SQLTools is a light-weight, robust tool for ORACLE database development that includes a text editor, SQL console and a couple of SQL utilities. Small enough to fit on a floppy disk and able to be used on a dial-up connection, SQLTools is a handy, portable, free program that works as fast as SQLPlus.

New features and enhancements in the 1.3.5.x releases include a new HTML SQL Quick Reference, Variable Substitution as a global persistent option, the ability to skip unsupported SQLPlus commands, DDL reengineering (now supports index-based tables and reverse indexes), and a reimplemented connection dialog for supporting non-tnsnames connection strings.

The SQLTools editor supports drag and drop, syntax highlighting, code template expansion, context sensitive help, the ability to find a database object under cursor and get its description, and an embedded SQL console. The SQL console supports DML and DDL statements and provides additional information about database statistics and timing.

SQLTools Beta can be downloaded at: