Oracle Migration Workbench

October 15, 2001

Oracle recently released Oracle Migration Workbench to help developers quickly and easily migrate applications from IBM DB2/AS400 to Oracle9i Database. Here's part of the press release from Oracle announcing the release of Oracle Migration Workbench:

"The delivery of the new Oracle Migration Workbench for IBM DB2/AS400 reaffirms Oracle's leadership in delivering the most complete line of Internet software developers, and underscores Oracle's commitment to meeting developers' demand for the latest Internet technologies. Oracle's latest release, Oracle9i Database, can run applications with virtually unlimited scalability and total reliability across multiple computers. With more than 6,200 downloads of Oracle's migration workbench tools already recorded off Oracle Technology Nework (OTN) within the past three months, developers clearly want the industry-standard database on which to build and test their applications."

The complete press release can be found at:http://www.oracle.com/corporate/press/index.html?1045176.html